Ranking the James Bond Theme Songs: 24

Song: Another Way to Die (Quantum of Solace)

Performed by: Alicia Keys and Jack White

I love the White Stripes. When Elephant came out, I had an adult paper route and I was jamming out to that thing so loud a guy came out of his house at 3am, walked down the street and threatened to punch me in the face if I didn’t turn it down.

Jack White is a beast. I have heard conspiracy theories surface around his guitar playing that propose he employs secret backstage players who augment his performance to get the sounds he does out of those beat up guitars.

When Jack White was announced as one part of the duo to perform the new Bond song, expectations skyrocketed.

Did you hear that Cornell song for Casino Royale? White can top that.

Here we are, one from the bottom…

This song never really came together. I can’t say if it’s the wrong parts or too many of the wrong ideas, but it just doesn’t work. I gush over White, and Alicia Keys is no slouch, but I don’t think they compliment each other well.

I can appreciate experimenting with dissonant sounds, but I don’t really want that in a Bond song.

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