Ranking the James Bond Theme Songs: 22

Song: Never Say Never Again

Performed by: Lani Hall

It’s got the familiar easy listening vibes of a Roger Moore era James Bond theme song, the catchy chorus over an orchestral arrangement, but like the movie it was made for, there’s something missing here. That something is John Barry.

Ian Fleming. Albert Broccoli. Harry Saltzman. Sean Connery. Terence Young. John Barry. Maurice Binder. Ken Adams. Richard Maibaum. These are the key players in creating the property we now refer to as the James Bond Franchise. They created the character and styled the world he lives in.

Never Say Never Again and it’s accompanying theme song are like the golf clubs you find on ebay that claim to be Pings for half the price. They might look like the real thing, but they just don’t hit they should.

Tune in next month for #21 on the list as we countdown the James Bond Theme Songs leading up to the release of EON Productions JAMES BOND 25.

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