Ranking the James Bond Theme Songs: 19

Song: You Know My Name

Performed by: Chris Cornell

It’s a bit sad to write this after the passing of Chris Cornell. I never really thought about being a fan of his, not that I didn’t like his music, I just never really thought about Chris Cornell until now. He’s always just been there and would somehow be involved in something that peaked my interest. It was like he was the guy you would keep running into around town and say ‘that guy is here too.’

When I was a teenager and ‘grunge’ wasn’t a dirty word, Soundgarden was dropping really groovy songs that had killer videos. When my favorite band in my youth, Rage Against the Machine, broke up, Chris Cornell was there to form Audioslave. And when the James Bond series returned with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, I remember blurting out in the theater, ‘is that Chris Cornell?’ when this song started. And then a smile consumed my face.

I think it speaks well to how good the music is in the James Bond Franchise if this is coming in at number 19. I like this song and I like this credit sequence quite a bit. The design takes full advantage of the casino motif, and perhaps there was no one better to sing a song that aims to set you at ease and remind you how good this can be than Chris Cornell.

We knew who you were. And you kicked ass.

Tune in next month for #18 on the list as we countdown the James Bond Theme Songs leading up to the release of EON Productions JAMES BOND 25.

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