Ranking the James Bond Theme Songs: 18

Song: James Bond Theme Song/Three Blind Mice

Performed by: John Barry Orchestra/Byron Lee and the Dragonaires


The evolution of the Bond franchise has taken many strange turns over the years. Things that are now considered trademarks of Bond films were once bold choices. Like the opening credit sequence, it didn’t start out as something you find spoofed in a Deadpool movie, they had to build to it.

In 1962, when they made Dr. No, they didn’t need a cold open, so they didn’t know they needed a badass theme song and an elaborate title sequence. Fortunately for us they had John Barry, who crafted the iconic James Bond Theme based on a Monty Norman riff, and Maurice Binder, who designed their titles. So even though they won’t get to the point where they’re really going for it with these title sequences for a few more years, they still had a pretty inspired opening.

There have been many legal battles over the years (another Bond franchise trademark) to determine who was responsible for what with the Bong Theme song. It’s my understanding that Norman wrote it, but Barry gave it life.

Like Aston Martins and Walther PPKs, the James Bond theme song is a fixture in the mythos of the franchise. It’s hard to place it in the rankings because it’s such a beloved thing, but we’re ranking the opening credit sequences and songs here and they didn’t really have one yet, so I feel like this is fair. It’s great and I love it, and that’s pretty much my opinion to some degree for all the rankings from here.


Tune in next month for #17 on the list as we countdown the James Bond Theme Songs leading up to the release of EON Productions JAMES BOND 25.


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