Episode 124: Little Women and I Lost My Body

Little Women and I Lost My Body

Little Women and I Lost My Body

January 10, 2020

This week we are taking a look at two films that charmed the pants off critics this year… just not the ones who get to cast award season votes.

First up is the picture that has #FilmTwitter cannibalizing itself, Little Women… a movie that firmly establishes Greta Gerwig as one of the Best Directors in the business; even if the Hollywood Foreign Press and most likely the Academy don’t agree.

Then we take a look at a quirky animated film about a severed hand, I Lost My Body… which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Sorry, I know this episode is getting posted a few days late… we’ve had quite the week and we’ll tell you about it at a later date. Also, James is still on assignment but he’ll be back next week.

Intro: 0:00 – 9:00

Little Women: 9:50 – 1:30:28

I Lost My Body: 1:31:37 – 2:01:40













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