Bond Tropes: #24 License to Kill

In the first wave of the James Bond franchise (the first five films) was the cool audacious trend setter for action cinema in the 60’s. Movies like From Russia with Love and Goldfinger flaunted sex, fashion, and stylized violence into theaters and into the imagination of audiences around the world. The box office success was incredible, those first five Bonds set a new standard for big budget film making while also establishing the blueprint for many modern action movies.… Read More Bond Tropes: #24 License to Kill

Cloverfield Paradox and The New Film Medium

We’re in an interesting place in time, still riding the first waves created when art and technology collide in the vast ocean of the internet. Arguably the art form benefiting most from this collision is film; anyone can now make a visual story with their phone and present it to the world on Youtube. But, conversely the film industry is experiencing turmoil. … Read More Cloverfield Paradox and The New Film Medium

Bond Tropes: #15 You Only Live Twice

You Only Live Twice, more than Thunderball, is the spiritual successor to the template setting Goldfinger. It establishes the iconic Bond villain trope with Donald Pleasence’s Blofeld, it, like Tomorrow Never Dies, takes everything that worked in a previous successful film and turns it to 11. Blofeld’s volcano lair is the exaggerated succession of Goldfinger’s home and even Dr. No’s atomic lair, Blofeld himself is inflated to almost cartoonish proportions compared to previous villains. … Read More Bond Tropes: #15 You Only Live Twice