Shallow Graves: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Sheila Vand is striking as The Girl wearing a full chador it is a symbol of the oppressed female, but turned into a symbol of power the way The Girl wears it like a traditional vampire cape, or waving in the wind while riding her skateboard. Much of the film is seen through her eyes as she watches over the others, particularly Atti, who she seems to have a kinship with, perhaps reminding her of her own desperation, and Arash, whom perhaps reminds her of the person she was a long time before all this vampire business.… Read More Shallow Graves: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Shallow Graves: Hush

Home invasion is an anxiety we live with every day of our lives, it’s with us when we lock our doors at night and emanates from the objects of defense within arm’s reach of our bedside. It’s a tangible fear easily exploited in cinema at the confluence of relatable and cheap. A psycho-killer intruding into one’s home is pretty relatable; being able to film it in one location makes it cheap. … Read More Shallow Graves: Hush