These are the conversations you have on your way home from the movies…

*SPOILER WARNING: You should watch before you listen.*



Ron Williams suffers from being a Cubs and Clippers fan. While both teams are currently enjoying new found levels of success, the damage to Ron has already been done and he expects everything (even this website) to collapse in spectacular fashion at the most inopportune time.


samantha blinn

Samantha Blinn is a Nachos aficionado. She is a Film enthusiast and Boxing fanatic who loves to play with makeup (https://lipstickandnachos.com/ ). Currently she works for a pug named Mr. Buttons.


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James Merolla is Cinema Vertigogo’s resident horror expert, digging into the genre with his ongoing series, Shallow Graves. Part Bond fan, part collage nerd, James often serves as the last line of defense in keeping this site from going deathly cynical.


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